Aviation Cadet World

NASA Comes to Eureka Springs!

Aviation Cadet World is privileged to have numerous items from the Space Shuttle program. We have the console (desk) that the RTF (return to flight) mission used to sign in two years after Columbia was lost, the original weight and balance wall chart, a special chair that was used for crew experiments on the space station, sample space food, a tile from the shuttle, the countdown clock from the firing room at the Johnson Space Center, and now we have the “Hot Spare Consoles” and one “Safety” console all from firing room 3 at the Kennedy Space Center where the RTF mission was actually controlled from. These will be set up with a working simulator program where people can play the part of a controller during a shuttle launch. We will be featuring a slice in time when the RTF mission launched in July of 2005. You will come in, sign in at the same desk that the real crew signed in at and then watch a short video of the actual launch. The simulator will be used for groups, most likely school children who will actually get to relive the real launch by playing the parts of controllers. This is a highly educational interactive display as are all the displays at Aviation Cadet World. It is also the only one of it’s kind as are all the displays in Hangar #1

    NASA Consoles from firing room #3   Come to Aviation Cadet World, Learn the history of the air arm of this nation from WWI to the Shuttle Program. This is an interactive experience