Aviation Cadet World

Dawn is Breaking

Here is the animated video of this poem.  It is very moving!  I hope you really appreciate the man who did this of my poem, his name is John MacKay, what a talent!  https://youtu.be/ueS1ifEU2oE

By Errol D. Severe
August 15, 2011

Dawn is breaking, shafts of brilliant light stream from the huge yellow ball as it slowly rises between the mountains. The mist partially shrouds the distant forest, a lovely emerald green; the grass in the fields a misty blue.

The silence of the pre-dawn darkness is broken by the mystical sounds of thousands of beautifully colored birds, as they wake up to this a new day. The cloudless sky is a deep, azure blue appearing as if it has no end.

Suddenly, a small dark object appears on the horizon; in an instant, a gigantic boom rocks the mountains, a great silver bird flashes overhead like a bolt of lightning. The noise is deafening; the grass blows flat from the passing wind.

Look up! Look up! To Heaven, you masters of the sky, one of us is blazing skyward, on his final flight, heading home, where he is lovingly “cleared to land” in God’s protective hands.

Welcome Home!

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A new attraction is the "silver wings chapel". We perform a show for groups of 20-100. The show title is "meet the master" and is one hour long. Please call for reservations and times. vimeo.com/138346047