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Airfield Restrictions

One might think that the airport is somehow unsafe because of all the restrictions. For your information, this is the end of an over 5-year court battle, and a cost of over $60,000 of donated money. Those who perpetrated this terrible fight are trying to destroy the Aviation Cadet Museum DBA Cadet World for their own agenda. They would love to have this property. They will never have it! God has brought us through all of this and will continue to prosper our efforts. We lost most of the battles, but thank God we won the war!!

SWF is a very fine grass runway. It is located on top of the mountain and has excellent clear way on both ends. The only possible problem is that one must watch the wind more closely than usual and compute your density altitude. However, thanks to the aforementioned perpetrators we can't use both ends at this time. The restrictions below were imposed upon us by the judge. I realize that some may think this is an affront to their pilot skills. Please don't take it personally. The judge was making it "bullet proof" against an appeal. If you care to read the entire ruling please click on the PDF link below this one on the home page. We all need to unite to prevent this type of atrocity from happening to anyone else.

Court Ordered Restrictions for Silver Wings Field

Silver Wings Field (Private) call 479-253-5008 for permission to use SWF and for briefing on local restrictions. Due to local restrictions the only allowed operations at SWF (5A5) are: Right hand traffic, landings to the south on runway 16, and takeoffs to the north on runway 34. Be advised that there is the possibility of landing or taking off with a tail wind component. Remember that there is no absolute need to either land or takeoff if your aircraft is unable to do so safely. Waiting for less wind conditions that are normally prevalent early morning and late afternoon may be a wise decision. Pilots are mandated to check the operating manual performance charts for their aircraft to insure their aircraft will have sufficient capabilities for this type operation. Wind direction and velocity are available from AWOS at ROG (Rogers, AR) at 134.375 and HRO (Harrison, AR) at 121.125. Be advised that the information from these stations may differ from local conditions. Check the wind socks on both ends of the field and the flag at midfield. The windsocks are indicating 15 kts. Or more when fully extended. Interpolate for lesser sock extensions. After takeoff on runway 34 make a westerly turn as soon as practicable and climb at best angle. Any violations of these restrictions will be reported to the FAA. Air Nav Airport Information Silver Wings Field.

Silver Wings Airport Open Order (PDF)

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Our normal season is from april 1-oct. 31 during which time we will be operating on a three tour per day schedule. The times are: 10:00, 13:00 and 15:00. Sat. Only 13:00 and 15:00. Sun. Only 15:00. Please call 479-253-5008 for tour reservations.
We will be closed from 12:00-13:00 for lunch. Our tours take from 1:30-2.00 hrs.
We will take tours of four or more adults at any time during the year weather permitting. However, you must call and make reservations.
This is an interactive tour, not a typical “museum” tour. To the best of our knowledge there is nothing like this attraction anywhere else. You've got to see it to believe it! The many who have taken this tour before were 100% satisfied. All, women, men and children, had a great time.
The cost of admission is: $15:00 for adults, $7.00 children 6-12, younger, free. Please call now, as we have limited availability for each tour. Which includes touring the eureka railroad museum and a ride on the eureka narrow gauge train during normal season.
A new attraction is the "silver wings chapel". We perform a show for groups of 20-100. The show title is "meet the master" and is one hour long. Please call for reservations and times. vimeo.com/138346047