Aviation Cadet World


Errol Severe was born to fly.

In 1994, God asked this former Delta Airlines pilot and military man to manifest that passion as Aviation Cadet World in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It’s a calling he takes seriously.

He and his wife, Beth, have since dedicated their lives to building an experience that exemplifies the best of American flight. The nonprofit group is supported by visitors and donors like you who believe it is important to celebrate this country’s accomplishments in the air.

“This will not be a dry museum; rather it will be a living experience,” said Errol. “It will be a place where everyone can come, and for a brief moment in history, become a cadet. You will even be able to fly your own simulator. In short, a place where every man, woman and child can travel back in time to the glory days of the Cadet Corps,”

Aviation Cadet World is a sprawling property nestled in the Ozarks Mountains of Northwest Arkansas. In addition to numerous attractions, it boasts Silver Wings Field, a working runway for private aircrafts.

Errol said one of his greatest pleasures is seeing a former airman connect with the jets and other aircraft, remembering their time in the air. He also finds it rewarding when children are inspired and made curious to learn more about flying from what they experience at Aviation Cadet World.

The Severes

Errol Severe is an author, pilot and patriot. He was raised in the northeast and learned to work with his hands from an early age with his father who was a carpenter.

He graduated from the USAF Aviation Cadet Pilot Training Program at Vance Air Force Base in 1961 in class 61-E. He flew KC-97 tankers on active duty. In 1963, he was hired by Delta Airlines as a pilot. He retired in 1985. He and his wife organized the first Flying/Aviation Cadet reunion on Kelly Air Force Base in 1997 with 1,000 in attendance.

He is the author of The Last of a Breed, a book that details the grueling training and heroic exploits of the aviation cadets.

Errol is the president and founder of Aviation Cadet World.

Beth Severe is a songwriter, performer and excellent chef. She runs Brigadoon, the three-story bed and breakfast located close to Silver Wings Field.

Beth attended Oklahoma University School of Nursing and Springfield School of Nursing. She has produced two albums that have seen world-wide distribution. She also wrote the script and score for the musical drama Angel Talk.

Beth is the author of I Wanna Fly (Illustrated by Brad Whitewolf), which details the adventure of eight-year-old Bryan Trueflight who wants to fly “more ‘n anythin’.”

She is chief financial officer and secretary for Aviation Cadet World.

Beth’s Music

A selection from a song Beth wrote for “Angel Talk” a musical play that she wrote. One of 12 songs written for that production.

Aviation Cadet Museum, Inc.
542 County Road 2073 Eureka Springs,
AR 72632

Our normal season is from april 1-oct. 31 During off season please call and see if we are available to conduct the show. During regular season  we will be operating on a one show per day schedule. The time is 15:00. We are closed on Sundays and some holidays.  Please call 479-253-5008 for show reservations or make them on this site as we only take cash at the door. This site has credit card capability.
Our shows take from 1:30-2.00 hrs.
We will take two or more adults at any time during the year weather permitting. However, you must call and make reservations. We don't do singles.
This is an interactive show, not a typical “museum” tour. To the best of our knowledge there is nothing like this attraction anywhere else. You've got to see it to believe it! The many who have sean this show before were 100% satisfied. All, women, men and children, had a great time.
The cost of admission is: $20:00 for adults, $10.00 children 7-12. Please call now, or click on the "Book Now" as we have limited availability for each show.
A new attraction is the "silver wings chapel". We perform a show for groups of 20-100. The show title is "Meet the Master" and is one hour long. Please call for reservations and times. vimeo.com/138346047